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Rice & Lentil Stir Fry

Updated: May 5, 2020

Perfect for lunch, vegan friendly and packed with all the nutrients you need for that mid-day boost!


(2 servings)

  1. Basmati Rice (1 cup)

  2. Green Lentils (2/3 cup)

  3. Oyster Mushrooms (5-6 pieces, cut into smaller pieces)

  4. 1/2 onion (finely chopped)

  5. Garlic (2 cloves, finely chopped)

  6. Lemon Juice (1/4 cup) *optional

  7. Salt & Pepper

  8. Curly-leaf parsley

  9. Olive Oil


  • Wash the basmati rice and lentils thoroughly and separately, with a strainer under fresh running water.

  • Cook the rice and lentils in 2 different pots according to the package instructions.

  • Let the rice and lentils absorb all steam and water before adding them to the frying pan.

  • Heat a little olive oil over medium-high heat in a large frying pan, add the onion and garlic, after 2-3 minutes add the mushrooms.

  • About 6-7 minutes later, add the wine orlemon juice. Wait until all liquid is absorbed.

  • Add lentils and stir well.

  • Add rice and stir frequently for about 3-4 minutes.

  • Season with salt & pepper.

  • Serve and top with some freshly chopped parsley.

*Tip: Don’t be afraid to use more seasonings and herbs to your taste preferences.

Nutrients per serving:

  • 572 kcal

  • 104g carbs

  • 28g protein

  • 8g fats

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